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updatesIcon [2018.06.19]
Nerfed:Lethal Blow from 15% to 10Bluff stun from 5 sec to 1 secStunnin
updatesIcon [2018.06.18]
Nerf daggersFrom 100% to 70% =to fightersFrom 100% to 80% =to magesBuf
updatesIcon [2018.06.17]
Nerfed:Frenzy reuse delaydreadnought Stun time from 6sec to 1 secgrand
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Castle Siege

2018.06.22 14:06:04

Get ready for today castle siege !!! Gathered you clan and rule you castle. Castle siege start 22:00 UTC+2 time , Castle siege rewards unique armors so call your clan mates and own your Adena castle !!!

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