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updatesIcon [2018.06.19]
Nerfed:Lethal Blow from 15% to 10Bluff stun from 5 sec to 1 secStunnin
updatesIcon [2018.06.18]
Nerf daggersFrom 100% to 70% =to fightersFrom 100% to 80% =to magesBuf
updatesIcon [2018.06.17]
Nerfed:Frenzy reuse delaydreadnought Stun time from 6sec to 1 secgrand
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Server Information
Server Rates:

● XP/SP: x9999
● Adena: x1

Enchant Info:

Weapon +50 From Event +60
Armor +50 From Event +60
Jewels +50 From Event +60

Safe: +25

Enchant come back after unseccesfully enhchanting to: +25

Blessed Scroll %80
Crystal Scroll %100

Server Features:

● Server Main Tower Talking Island
● Custom Tatto. 5k HP 5K CP 1K Pdef 1k Mdef 100runSpd 500AtkSpd 500MatkSpd
● Custom GK.
● Custom Buffer.
● Custom Clan Service.
● Custom Raid Info.
● Custom Top 10 Server players.
● PvP Custom Reward. Collect 500pvp. Hero Coin.
● Store Value is L2-Talking Special Coin (Be Carefully What you Buyng/Selling)
● Sell/Buy Store offline command ".offline_shop"
● Custom Hero Coin for 7days.
● Custom Nobless Coin, Only from RB.
● Only Epic RB Drop Crystal Scrolls.
● Only Epic RB Drops Epic Jewels
● Sieges every weekend. Castle owners get unique Armors.
● Custom RaidBosses.
● Free class transfer.
● Custom Farm Zones In Talking Island.
● Auto events every 2 hour. TvT/CTF.
● PvP/PK Color System.
● Auto Loot Items / Auto Learn Skills.
● Auto Class poping window.
● Unlimited BSS/SS
● Mana potion restore 400

Custom Items:

● Free A gr.
● Antharas Armors
● Valakas Armors
● Castle Armors (same stats like valaka)

● Free A gr.
● Antharas Weapons Cost: 1000 Antharas Head.
● Valakas Weapons Cost: 1000 Special Adena/1 Valakas Heart (Drops From Antharas RB)

Royal Wings Cost: Valakas Feather (Drops From Valakas RB) Stats Max Hp 2k Cp 2k RunSpd 60 MatkSpd 500 PatkSpd 500
Desert Ice Wings Cost: Valakas Feather (Drops From Valakas RB) Stats Max Hp 2k Cp 2k RunSpd 60 MatkSpd 500 PatkSpd 500
Archangel Wings Cost: Valakas Feather (Drops From Valakas RB) Stats Max Hp 2k Cp 2k RunSpd 60 MatkSpd 500 PatkSpd 500

RaidBosses time/drop:

● Special Adena RB. Drops 250-500 Special Adena. Spawn every 30min
● BOG RB Spawn every 1h
● Nobless RB Spawn every 1:30h
● Clan RB. Drops Clan points/Clan Eggs. Spawn every 1h

Epic`s Respawn time/drop:

● Queen Ant: Drops AQ ring/Top LS/Crystal Scrolls. Spawn: 2h
● Baium: Drops Baium ring/Top LS/Crystal Scrolls. Spawn:3h
● Zaken: Drops Zaken earring/Top LS/Crystal Scrolls. Spawn:3h
● Antharas: Drops Antharas earring/Antharas Heart/Top LS/Crystal Scrolls. Spawn:5h
● Valakas: Drops Valakas necklaces/Valakas Feather/Top LS/Crystal Scrolls. Spawn:5h
● Scarlet: Drops Frintezza necklaces/Top LS/Crystal Scrolls.Van Halisha: 4:20h

● How to get "Tatto"?

1. Elven Stave are Dropping from RaidBoss Van Halisha
2. Deep Sea Water are Dropping from RaidBoss Baium
3. Leaf Of Mother Tree are Dropping from RaidBoss Antharas
4. Event Medals 20 From TvT Event

● Events:

● TvT EVENT Starting 17:00;18:00;19:00;20:00;21:00;22:00;23:00;24:00 UTC+2 Rewards: winning team get 5 Event medals and Special Adena 100 (top killer get +5 Event Medals)
● DM EVENT Starting 01:00;02:00;03:00;04:00;05:00;06:00;07:00;08:00;09:10;11:00;12:00 UTC+2 Each kill 1 Event Medals
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